Raid dell'Etna Porsche Tribute 2019 Regulations

Raid dell'Etna Porsche Tribute 2019 Regulations

Only Porsche cars of any age and year of construction may take part in the Raid dell'Etna – Porsche Tribute. No type of approval and/or specific certification is needed.

Only crews with proper enrolments may participate. Enrolments may be completed by forwarding the appropriate form (by post, fax or e-mail) by and not later than July 31st, 2019 together with a 50% deposit of the enrolment fee. The balance of the enrolment fee must be paid by September 5th, 2019.

The programme and enrolment fees of Raid dell'Etna – Porsche Tribute and Raid dell'Etna Historic cars is identical.

Crews participating in Raid dell'Etna – Porsche Tribute will also participate at the Gentlemen Driver Lufthansa and Eberhard Ladies Cup prize-giving ceremonies.

Grandi Navi Veloci – the event's official sponsor – will grant all participants a special 27% discount on Genoa/Palermo, Civitavecchia/Palermo and Naples/Palermo routes.
It will be possible to book and/or purchase tickets via email at or via fax at 010-2094225, using reference credentials supplied by the organization during enrolment.

As regards to the regularity rally, there will be a special ranking organized during the Porsche Tribute Trophy prize-giving ceremony, with prizes given to the first five crews place-getters.

In preparing the rankings, the seniority factor of the car will be taken into account